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Biomat Belts are Richway's answer to gut health. Our happiness, health and mental health are all tied directly to the health of our guts. They call it our "second brain" or "center" for a reason. 90% of all serontonin (the hormone that dictates our happiness level) resides in the small intestines. By directing thermotherapy, or infrared therapy, directly to the gut, beneficial bacteria in our guts multiply faster. Serontonin is active and thus our happiness increases. Placing the Biomat Belt on the abdomen will help with digestion and increase your immune system's success at keeping disease and malicious bacteria at bay.



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Eight Precious Stones


Unlike all of the other Biomats, the stones in the Biomat Belt are more than just Amethyst and Tourmaline. They also include Citrine, Tiger Eye, Quartz Crystal, Green Jade, Elvan and Topaz. Each serves a different healing purpose when heated. Some produce infrared rays like Amethyst and some negative ions like Tourmaline. Together, they provide a complete "gut check".

These eight precious stones work together to alleviate stomach problems, improve digestion, lower malicious bacteria counts, improve blood circulation, and raise your body temperature which then improves your immune system and speeds up your metabolism. The Biomat Belt is just about the best thing you can do for your "Second Brain".

Gut Feeling

Think about it, we often feel our most intense feelings in our gut way before we feel them in our brain. History has likened these intense feelings with those of the heart but in reality, its your gut that feels them. We are often asked to "trust our instincts" and those instincts arise from our gut. Most of the neurotransmitters that allow us to have feelings reside in the stomach, not the brain.

Did you know that the internal organs, like the small and large intestines among others, are all developed from the same piece of the placenta as the brain? This is no coincidence. The gut needs a certain amount of benefiicial bacteria to break down food into nutrients and when that balance is disturbed, your nutrition is disturbed.


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Professional   Single   Queen   King   Mini

Excellent for professional healers such as chiropractors, massage therapists and doctors. Size = 700 x 1800mm /
31.91" x 77.81"
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Perfect for twin size beds. Excellent for children, guest rooms. Size = 900 x 2002mm /
35.43 " x 77.81"

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Fits Queen sized beds and each side of the Biomat can be controlled separately from one controller. Size = 1400 x 2002mm /
55.11" x 77.81"

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Like the Queen, the King can be put on different settings on each side. Size = 72.65"w x 77.81" / 1800 x 2002mm
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Great for travel, office chairs, and children. Some even get these for their pets.
Size = 850 x 330mm /
33" x 17 "
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