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Rejuvena Skin Care System

1. Ultrasonic Massage Gives Unbelievable Effects

The Rejuvena sL generates a wide range of ultrasonic vibrations, the 30,000/vps setting allows nutrition to penetrate deep into the skin through the Netzschicht layer. The result is healthy and supple skin and better blood circulation removing wrinkles. The special effect of the microvibrations of ultrasonic massage is the double effect of a pull and push movement in a vacuum, the micro-vibrations generated by ultrasonic massages all the skin cells. When the skin cells are influenced by the micro-vibrations, the waste material, free radicals, toxins are eliminated from the cells naturally. When the vibrations stop, fresh nutrition is absorbed into the cells to fill the space made by the elimination of waste materials. When these processes are repeated, enough hormones are supplied to the skin cells that the cells are reactivated.



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2. Negative Ions - Deep Cleansing (Galvanic)

When Negative Ions are used, it greatly improves blood circulation and it penetrates deeply into the derma layer and basic cell layer as well. This removes wrinkles, contracts the sweat pores, and makes the skin supple. The stimulus of Negative Ions deeply massages face muscles, removing deep wrinkles.

3. Ionzyme or Positive Ions Are Used With the Ionized Vitamin C

The Rejuvena sL was developed considering various characteristics of the body. So, various effects can be achieved with only one massage. Especially, you will see the better results of moisturizing and preventing wrinkles with the Ionized Vitamin C.

4. In Conclusion, the Rejuvena sL Does the Following:

Aged skin will become supple. Since ultrasonic waves stimulate skin muscles with vertical and centrifugal movements, ultrasonic reactivates the aged skin cells, making the skin supple and healthy, making a beautiful face surface. You will get clean skin. The major reason for skin problems is waste material in the skin cells, and a drop of metabolism of the skin cells. Ultrasonic Micro-Vibrations (30,000/vps) penetrates deeply into the skin eliminating waste material, and stimulating the metabolism of the skin cells so it will give you healthy skin

5. Why Does the Human Age?

Is there any possible way to maintain a youthful look? To satisfy the desire of women who want to keep a youthful look, new technologies to prevent aging have been developed. The cause of wrinkles will be decreased. The skin has a hard time absorbing nutrition. The remarkable effect of the Rejuvena sL High Tech Ultrasonic Skin Care System (which was developed considering the above physiological mechanisms) has been proven to reverse the aging process. Rejuvena is an excellent spa treatment and salons across the country are finding it's therapeutic massage is a big hit with their customers.


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